Awards & Advancement

Throughout each session, students are taught new techniques and every skill necessary to enjoy the sport or activity of their choice. Students who attend every class, or make up all missed classes, receive a Perfect Attendance Award at the end of the session.

Conscientious and expert instructors and coaches prepare all students for advancement in rank from beginner level to intermediate level and then advanced level. Students who attend at least 80 percent of their classes and demonstrate a skill set will advance to the next level at the end of each session.

To signify advancement, all students receive a certificate identifying the next level attained. In addition, Cheerleading students receive a special colored pom-pon; Martial Arts students receive the next colored belt and degree; Hip-Hop Dance students, Soccer students, Basketball students, and Art students receive a plaque imprinted with their new level.

A nominal material's fee is charged for advancement awards.

The Advancement Levels for each sport or activity are as follows:


The levels of Cheerleading advancement are Junior Stars, Stars, Junior All Stars, Pro All Stars and Elite.

Martial Arts/Karate/Self-Defense & Safety Awareness

Martial Arts students earn their Belts in the following order: White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, and Black. There are Second and Third Degree levels within each colored belt ranking.

Hip-Hop Dance

The levels of advancement for Hip-Hop Dance students are Lil Hip Hoppers, Hip Hoppers, Sliders, Shakers, Poppers, Stompers, Freestylers, Krumpers, and Breakers.


The levels of advancement for Soccer students are Stars, Super Stars, All Stars, and Elite All Stars.


The levels of advancement for Basketball students are Stars, Super Stars, All Stars, and Elite All Stars.


The levels of advancement for Art students are Young Picasso, Young Rembrandt, Young Michelangelo, Young Da Vinci, Young Monet, Young Dali, Young Van Gough, Young Chagall, and Young Renoir.

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