1. How do I view and register for programs online?

To view classes online, click “Register/Locations” on the top of the page. Underneath the state you live in, click either “Register Today” or “Find a Class.” If you click “Find a Class,” you are able to search through our classes. If you click “Register Today,” you’ll need to log in or create an account.

You can register for classes online 1 month before the session begins. Once the session has began, we accept registration up to the fourth week. You may register online or in person at the class location on the dates the classes are running – up to the fourth week.

2. Where is the nearest Young Champions program?

We have classes throughout the nation! To find the nearest program to you, please click “Register/Locations” on the top of the page. Click “Find a Class” to search through our classes.

3. When does each session start?

We have four sessions a year. Your child should receive a flyer at school about our program with all the necessary information. If you do not receive one, you may contact the corporate office for an update.

4. What is the age range for each program?

Our classes are for 5 to 15 year old children. However, we may accept mature 4-year-olds who are 6 months away from turning 5 years old. For the Dance program, participants must be at least 6 years old. For the Basketball program, participants must be at least 7 years old.

5. How much and how long are the classes?

Classes may vary per region. For more information about class fees please contact the main office.

6. What merchandise can I purchase for each program?

You may purchase the necessary items for each program at class. We accept cash and checks. You may also access our store by clicking the activity under “Merchandise” on the left navigation bar, or by visiting www.youngchampionshop.com.

Cheer: Uniform and pom-pons
Self-Defense: Uniform
Soccer: Soccer ball and shin guards
Dance: Dance t-shirt
Basketball: Basketball
Art: Art kit and sketch pad (required)

7. Whom may I contact about my Instructor/Coach?

If you are trying to get a hold of your Instructor/Coach, please call the corporate office to speak to his/her supervisor:

Southern California: (714) 259-1400
Northern California: (510) 259-1950

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York: (973) 835-2019
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island: (603) 964-0932

8. Can I teach a class?

If you are interested in teaching one of our programs, please contact the corporate office. You will be directed to the appropriate department where they can answer all your questions. We provide a fun curriculum and provide instruction on how to teach youth. All candidates must have a minimum of 2 years experience in the activity to teach. For Self-Defense, Brown Belt or Black Belt is necessary.

9. When are my raffle tickets due?

Raffle tickets are due 2-3 weeks before the current session’s competition/tournament date. The drawing occurs at the Southern California Cheer Competition. Winners do not need to be present. We will call the winners and ask for their contact information so we can send the prizes!

For those who do not turn in their raffle tickets before the Southern California Cheer Competition, we still accept them and enter them in the drawing for the following session.

10. What is the “Bring-A-Friend” promotion and what are the prizes?

Our “Bring-A-Friend” promotion allows us to keep our fees at a low cost! We encourage parents and students to bring family and friends to our classes for our “Bring-A-Friend” promotion. For any friend or family member your child invites to class to enroll in the Young Champions program, your child receives a gift. This friend or family member must be new to the program and they may enroll to pay weekly or in full for the session.

Our prizes include a durable, multipurpose string tote bag, a special Cheer charm bracelet, and an exclusive Karate t-shirt! (Cheer and Karate students may select the tote bag or the bracelet/t-shirt.)

11. How can I learn more information about the competition/tournament?

Each session ends with a fun competition or tournament! Once scheduled, the event flyer and schedule will be posted online and will be sent home with the students. To view the flyer and schedule, click “Competitions & Tournaments” under “Upcoming Events”.

You may also contact the corporate office for an update if you do not see the flyer.

12. What if my child cannot make it to class?

If your child cannot make it to a class, you may make it up by taking another class, back to back, prior to the end of the session. Please tell the Instructor/Coach if you are making up the missed class. Perfect attendance is awarded. Students need at least 80% attendance to advance to the next level.

13. How do I know if the class is cancelled?

When a class is cancelled, the corporate office will contact all parents off the roster. It is important parents legibly write his/her phone number on the registration slips for these purposes.

14. If the class is cancelled, how do I receive a refund?

If Young Champions cancels a class, you may make it by taking another class, back to back. You may also contact the corporate office to request a refund form if you have paid in full.

15. How can I contact the corporate office?

The corporate office can be contacted at (800) 956-6956 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

16. What are the office hours of the corporate office?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm (PST). You may leave a voicemail during off-hours and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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