Young Champions Network


Young Champions of America®, a leader in youth recreation activities, has for over thirty years, been dedicated to providing high quality, low-cost sport and recreation programs to boys & girls ages 4-15. Young Champions of America® belongs to the YCCPN, a unique association of similar businesses developed as a means (1) to foster the expansion of youth sports and recreation activities and (2) to increase the purchasing power for Young Champions uniforms, apparel and other merchandise. There are currently members of the YCCPN in over ten states.

Each member is an independently owned and operated business capitalizing on the experience and leadership of the other members. The members freely share information on all trends of their business including plans, developments, programs and strategies.

If you currently have a business teaching sports or recreation activities to children or if you are an entrepreneur interested in a career developing sports and recreation programs for the youth of your community, YCCPN membership may be ideal for you.

For more information or to learn how you, too, can become a member of the YCCPN, please contact Cathy Bruns, MPH, Young Champions Executive Director at (800) 956-6956 extension 112.

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